Call for Submissions 

Psychology Tomorrow Magazine reveres the intersection between psychology and art. Its content explores the practice of psychology as an art in all its beautiful and complex possibilities. It showcases therapeutic approaches that demystify the therapist’s experience as well as the “patient’s” and honors the literary richness of the human mind rather than as a cognitive or evolutionary caricature.

Our understanding of human behavior depends as much on our appreciation of creative self-expression as it does scientific research. To that end, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine also presents original works of contemporary artists, photographers, designers, writers, poets, choreographers, performance artists and videographers that examine issues of identity, self-reflection, sexuality, consciousness, relationships and the likes.

Upcoming issues will focus on the themes related to: Trauma, Sexuality, Women-Femininity and Sexuality, New Treatment Methods, and Mind/Body/Spirit.

We also publish a less formal daily blog that is not themed focused. You can submit more general ideas for consideration for the blog.

If you think your work addresses these ideas please write to with your submission ideas.


1.Your name, affiliation, and brief biography

2. Either an excerpt, full length piece or paragraph describing your submission idea and how you think it’s relevant to PTM.

3. Though we do not limit the word count of pieces chosen for publication, most fall in the range of 1,500 to 3,000.


For the next issue, we’ll consider poetry submissions though Sunday, October 26, though submissions are always accepted.

To submit, please send up to five poems in a single word document to with a very brief cover letter and
bio. Please include your name and e-mail address in the header or footer of each page.


Please submit images to

Please submit a series of images representing your work


1 .Your name, exhibition list, and brief biography

2. The size, materials and date of pieces submitted

3. An Artists Statement

We generally cannot respond to submissions immediately.  Please allow at least month for a response from our editorial committee. Feel free to inquire thereafter.